• Croppola (Website)

    Croppola does intelligent photo-cropping. Croppola is based on algorithms that capture the essence of good photographic composition, the kind achieved only by professionals. The Croppola mobile allows cropping photos from the user’s albums. CroppolaNow app takes it a step further by suggesting real time crop suggestions on the camera feed.

  • Chillon (App Store) (Play Store)

    Chillon – your journey through the castle Discover Chillon Castle and its most beautiful rooms and collections with our new application full of pictures and illustrations available in eight languages.

  • MAJiiK (App Store) (Play Store)

    MAJiiK Interactive Media is the next step in the evolution of content distribution and interactive experiences. Access online and you are granted access to exclusive content through our innovative Perks system. People are now connected in a way that no other platform has ever offered before.

  • CGN Geneva Tour (App Store) (Play Store)

    Official audio guide for the CGN boat cruise “Geneva Tour” A different way to visit Geneva! With this audio guide you’ll discover the stories and secrets of Geneva and its shores.

  • Shyahi (Website)

    Shyahi is a new way to build a profile to showcase your developer contributions and social activity. Its free, easy to set up and pulls in your stats directly from Dribbble, Github, Stackoverflow, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and your blog feed which means that your Shyahi profile is always up to date. You can also add your skills and a more formal resume to your Shyahi profile.