It’s been a while since my first part. Let’s start with where we left. After exploring things around my apartment. Next day was my first day at TU Dortmund. Falk showed me my office and my SUN desktops :). After that he told me to just get familiar at TU. At lunch time he picked me up on the way and then we went to Mensa(German word for Mess) along with his collegues. I took a boiled potato with cheese on it as there was no other vegetarian food and believe me it was so bad I just left it unfinished and from the next day I started bringing my self-made lunch box. Next few days I just started working on what was told to me about some learning algorithms. After few weeks I got to know that there is holiday on Thursday and Friday. So I planned to visit Italy on that weekend. On Thursday I planned my trip discussing with my seniors and then book a room at plus campaign Roma. I first visited Venice and that was awesome. Everywhere water :). My memory just re-lived after watching The Tourist starring Great “Captain jack” Johnny Depp yesterday. I ate famous Italian Pasta and packed Pizza for my jouney to Roma.

Pics of Venice can be found out here.

I reached Roma at night. Railway station was pretty cool and big :). I just managed to catch last bus to Plus campaign Roma. Next day in the morning around 8 am I bought Roma Pass worth 25 €. I first went to Vatican museum. There was a long queue waiting for us there after waiting for 2 hrs we finally entered the museum. Museum was so big that even after rushing it nearly took 5 hrs to get out from there. Just in walking distance from there next was St Peter’s Basilica and yes that reminded me of Angels and Demons.

After capturing all those we went to one of my favorites Trevi’s fountain. What a wonderful fountain it was! I threw up some coins in fountain as most of the crowd was doing.

Next was one the wonders of the world, Colosseum. On the way we also visited Plaza de Venezia. Colosseum was surrounded by many historical places. On the way from Plaza de Venezia to Colosseum there were many Indians who were selling replicas of Colosseum. As soon as we sighted Colosseum first time we captured the moment :). After exploring places around Colosseum we finally entered in it. Due to Roma pass we didn’t have to wait in the queue :D. For me Colosseum was more or like haddapa and Mohen-jodaro. It was a nice feeling to Colosseum. We clicks many photos there. finally it was time to our train to Milano. We also visited a garden near Colosseum but I don’t remember its name.

Pics of Roma can be found out here.

We were very tired after visiting all the places in Rome by walk. We had a good sleep in the train to Milano. We didn’t spent much time there as we have a train to catch to Dortmund. We bought a daily ticket there, went to Milan Cathedra.

It was best and beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. Next we went to a castle, The Castello Sforzesco, it was also a nice :). we also had a lunch in the castle. After roaming, it was time to catch train, we return to railway station after spending 4 days at Italy. We had most beautiful scenes of the world in our camera. It was a great trip and nice experience. Surely, it was a trip that will be remembered my entire life.

Some Pics [slideshow]