I think title sounds confusing, isn’t it? Its first semester at EPFL. Let me start this post with giving brief outline of the master’s curriculum at EPFL. In this course as of 2011 we have to complete 90 credits without the specialization. Out of 90, 15 for core courses + 30 for masters thesis + rest with optional courses.

I am starting M1, by taking Advanced Algorithms (7 credits), Distributed Algorithms (4 credits) and (4 credits) as core subjects and Image Processing I (4 credits) + Understanding Modern Switzerland (4 credits) (which is a part of mandatory humanities course). For filling my rest of the credits I am doing a semester project worth 12 credits in signal processing lab with Prof. Pascal Frossard, Xiaowen Dong and Pulkit Goyal on some topic related to Twitter. As of now its only a week since I joined EPFL so I don’t have much to say. I should sign out now.